Courtesan  Temptress  Companion  Paramour  Coquette

 Enchantress  Siren  Seductress  Consort  Mistress


I am your "Desiderata".....From the Latin language which means literally "something for which desire is felt".

 As a beautiful sultry Hispanic woman, born in Spain,

my sensuous demeanor

will put you at ease and you'll find yourself mesmerized.  


My cascading, silky hair and sumptuous, naturally-full lips beckon.  

Rare, unenhanced, voluptuous curves  36dd~26~38,  

and an engaging, highly-intelligent personality will also capture you...

I love to relax and laugh, while partaking in repartee to

create an aura of romance, each and every time! 

 My genuine passion will embrace you, as we effortlessly

embark on an interlude devoid of inhibitions. 

Sit back, revel within my piercing green "cat eyes" as I fully

immerse myself in the experience of you...

Your essence, your movement, rhythm and lust.  I shall awash

your being with the appreciation of your touch!


 You have found the perfect woman for an evening of

 intimate pleasures...

I'd love to show you my playful wanton nature, and pamper

you like never before!  You see, this Spanish woman has a

well-reviewed reputation for making you feel sensational!


 I am also an exquisite, licensed Certified Massage Therapist 

providing light manipulations, elysium, or intense deep-tissue techniques.  I specialize in Sports Physiology and Kinetics. 

Therefore, I am knowledgeable to assess, refine, enhance, 

and improve an  Athlete's performance through an applied

approach to massage physiology.   

In fact, some of my more

prolific Professional Sports Massage clients are those whom you might

view on your TV screen...   

Yes, I am that skilled!


Plan for immediate relaxation upon meeting as I always

 provide a comfortable atmosphere for our engagement.  

I have two upscale private locales in downtown San Diego, 

with all amenities.

 I adore travel and regularly partake globally, providing 

the ultimate in discreet companionship.   

My finesse and charm

make for a lovely Dinner Companion, a tactful Date for work excursions, and an exciting Destination-Travel Playmate.


  I have a Master's Degree from a 

highly-accredited University and am tri-lingual.

 I am extremely well-traveled, versed, highly cultured, and elegant...

 This does not mean that I am less than exciting!  

I have a blush-worthy inner-Tiger,  just waiting to pounce and play!


 Perhaps by now you're desiring my intriguing Companionship?

My entire life I've sought intense pleasurable experiences....

Do join me in this fantasy-based, continued journey.

  I only afford my limited availability to guests with discretion and discerning taste.  If you are an intelligent, good-humored, 

trustworthy, and generous Gentleman, then

you have found your Consort!


Warmest Regards,  Angelina Jones
 Exclusive Original Copy Created by
Angelina Jones

    All Rights Reserved` Copyright 2014