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Feb 2016   TER  Member   AGirlInEveryPort  ~  Review 

"So I had the chance to spend a few days in San Diego recently and I thought I would do a little California Dreaming and check out one of the local women.

I had noticed @AngelinaJones advertising on this site several times, and thought that I would at least reward her determination and check her out.


She is a mid-30's women of Spanish heritage, 5' 8" about 130 lbs, with 36DD's

and a warm and welcoming smile.  

She only has a small number of reviews on TER, but what she has are very good

(she also has a number of reviews with her and her doubles partner also).


Angelina is a super sweet, sexy woman and has an insatiable appetite! 

If you're looking for a young spinner she's not for you, but if you're like me,

and enjoy a more mature woman with curves in the right places,

you can't go wrong with Angelina.  

Three days later and I'm still basking in the memories. 


I highly recommend you get out to the left coast for some sun and a visit with

Angelina Jones - San Diego's finest attraction!"



Oct 2015   EM Member  Devoe11  ~  Review

"Angelina is truly one for the ages!  She is a beautiful, kind, terrific lady who provides a wonderful service.  She is incredibly sexy, very open minded, and uninhibited.  I would definitely recommend her!"

Women like Angelina don't come around very often. 
This lady is so special, so terrific, I highly recommend her! 
She is one of my ATFs!"
                                                         Angelina Jones


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