I'm so thrilled you desire to spend time with me! 

I look forward to a tryst which will leave you sated, yet planning for our next rendezvous! 


Advance RSVP required. 

 Book up to 30 days ahead.


 I'm available daily 11am - 11pm 

{Earlier or later meetings can occur with a 24-hour notice}

 I do not entertain last minute appointments.   

A 72-hour advance notice for multiple-hour engagements,

and overnights is necessary.   

Please peruse my entire site, then scroll to the bottom of this page for the Contact Form to schedule.

Detailed information, will expedite the verification process; 

Submit your three, preferably more, verifiable Provider references,

 providing as much information as you can for them.  


 ☆ ☆  I most certainly do entertain High-Profile Exclusive Clientele often. 

With pleasure, I am always willing to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

 for desired anonymity & discretion, which is of course, always implied with every

person I entertain. 

Please inquire via email with all of the date particulars;  to include where you may be

flying in from so I may plan accordingly. ☆ ☆


Also please note my Cancellation Policy on my subsequent "Provisos" or "Donations" page.

Please be aware of your time, as I am not a clock-watcher.  

Politely begin to excuse yourself, and proceed to leave.


 Lastly, please don't create discomfort of any sort nor suggest time gratis.  Trysts are remunerated; dining, shopping, movies, events and travel-time.  

I also never consider the thought of dating outside of the moment.  I keep my private life very succinctly separated from my "fantasy" life, never allowing the lines to blur. 

 Monthly Arrangement

 If you'd like to spend extended, guaranteed time with me, 

please consider a long-term 

"Mistress Arrangement".  

 I adore these types of arrangements, which keeps me so excited to see you time and time again!   I will make you feel like a pampered King! 


                                                 Starting at  $

    *Must be pre-paid monthly*

If a monthly arrangement doesn't suit you, maybe you'd like

to stay abreast via text messages & emails.  

Who doesn't love the company whilst waiting at the airport,

lounging at home or in a dry Business Meeting?  Or simply,

when one just desires to reach out and "touch" ...

I'm an excellent sounding board!

This Offering is tailor-made for you!

Up to 10 texts per week and an email, 
or One 10-minute call.

$250 Prepaid Weekly 

{ Only for Guests whom I've met previous }

Financial Domination ~  You shower me monthly, with financial gains, gifts and most all, I request!   

Your Mistress needs a vehicle {Uber has been my modus operandi for 3 years}.

  If you desire to purchase my increased adoration for you

and continual elation, contact me for discrete deposit methods.


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                                                      Angelina Jones

All Rights Reserved` Copyright 2018